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Smart Ways to Make Your Ecommerce Site Competitive

Retail business has always endeavored towards a main goal, and that is to attract as many customers as possible and generate huge amount of sales. In order to do this, the customers must be offered an experience that makes them brand advocates. With the advent of digital technology, customer expectations have become increasingly high. Here are some result-driven routes that will help you attain the competitive edge with your ecommerce site.

Increased amount of personalization
Personal service is something that customers always expect. The interesting thing is that with advancement in different technological domains, it is now easier to know about the preferences and interests of customers. This allows you to go for the creation of digital marketing agencies that are extremely targeted and generate considerable amount of customer engagement, being based on customer profile information and behavior. For instance, if you know the anniversary date of your customers, you can wish them and se…

6 Crucial Factors that can help you Boost Your Conversions and Enhance Revenue

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is the basis of all major online marketing activities, leading to business growth. It is all the more essential, given the cut-throat competition triggered by the continual online presence of potential customers as well as competitors.
It is important to focus on website traffic, especially the number that is getting converted to customers. Herein lays the significance of Conversion Rate Optimization, which is in fact a system that boosts the percentage of website visitors going for the desired action or converting to customers. Explaining mathematically,
Conversion Rate (%) = Completed “Target Actions”/Unique visits to website*100 Here “Target Action” indicates any action that the marketer intends the users to perform. Common target actions include filling a form, completing a purchase or subscribing to a newsletter. The conversion rate for the majority of websites is 1%. This implies that there is 1 conversion out of every 100 visitors. Con…

The Greatest SEO Mistakes to Eliminate During Website Restructuring

When you are redesigning your website, it is not enough to take care of the aesthetic parameters with respect to user experience and visual experience. The value that you provide to your users is of substantial importance.
An effective website redesign will comprise superior user experience, visual appeal, along with rendering organized information that can be conveniently understood and accessed. Visibility constitutes the other side of this. Aesthetics is of no use if your website cannot be found at the time users look for it. Moreover, if your website lacks intuitive navigation or information that can be easily comprehended, the beauty does not matter. To be useful in every way, the website should be intact in terms of form and functionality. Given this, it is important to talk aboutSearch Engine Optimization, which, although not as glamorous as visual appeal, is one of the major contributors of an effective online presence and brand recall. You simply cannot do away with SEO. If …