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7 Ways to Ensure That Google is Indexing Your WordPress Website

When it comes to search engine optimization, Google takes the cake away, leaving website owners complete at its mercy. The SEO Company in India that you hire should ensure that your WordPress website is being indexed by Google, otherwise you would not be getting any organic traffic. There are in fact a lot of things that can be done to catch the attention of Google and here are seven of them.
1. Incorporate superior content
Well, if you have poor quality content in your website, Google will definitely index your website, but you will never make it to the top of search engine result pages. A good SEO company in India will take complete care to ensure that your site has original, useful and high quality content.
2. Go for an expert hosting provider
The hardware on which your site runs can be a major barrier to being indexed by Google. Search spiders can even abandon a website affected by downtime, slow server speed and disconnects. Keeping this in mind, you should opt for a quality host wh…

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Why You Must Include Hashtags in Your Marketing Portfolio

Social media cannot be imagined without hashtags. As you consult a premier digital marketing agency in Delhi to manage your presence over major social networks, it’s time to understand the importance of hashtags, so that you can also start using them. Here are some solid reasons to join the hashtag bandwagon.

1. Highly specific audience targeting Do you have a social media message that you want to drive towards only a specific category of people? Then what else can be a more effective option than using hashtags? For example, if you want any message to be targeted to couples who are newly married, the hashtag #newlywed can be of great help. In that case, any one searching over social media platforms regarding conversations about newly married couples, can easily locate you.
2. Reputation monitoring In order to get a clear idea regarding what is being said about your business, you can monitor hashtags that are relevant to your products, business or brand. Well, even if you are not monitorin…