Why You Must Include Hashtags in Your Marketing Portfolio

Social media cannot be imagined without hashtags. As you consult a premier digital marketing agency in Delhi to manage your presence over major social networks, it’s time to understand the importance of hashtags, so that you can also start using them. Here are some solid reasons to join the hashtag bandwagon.

1. Highly specific audience targeting
Do you have a social media message that you want to drive towards only a specific category of people? Then what else can be a more effective option than using hashtags? For example, if you want any message to be targeted to couples who are newly married, the hashtag #newlywed can be of great help. In that case, any one searching over social media platforms regarding conversations about newly married couples, can easily locate you.

2. Reputation monitoring
In order to get a clear idea regarding what is being said about your business, you can monitor hashtags that are relevant to your products, business or brand. Well, even if you are not monitoring them, the conversations will always be there, without you obtaining any knowledge about them. It’s definitely pays off to be better informed.

3. Room for better customer service
Tracking the company hashtags makes it easier for you to locate and respond to complaints, comments as well as appreciation efficiently and rapidly. Once you start monitoring any mentions regarding your brand through an established digital marketing agency in Delhi, you will be aware of the stuff that is being said. This will allow you to respond within a very short span of time.

4. Route to watch for competition
You would definitely be curious to know what people are saying over social media regarding your competitors. All you need to do is go for a search to find hashtags that have any kind of relation to your competitors’ products and business name. This will give you considerable idea about the complaints your competitors are receiving, the frequency of the complaints, how the responses are being given, and so on. You can therefore strategize on how to stand apart in terms of customer service.

5. Being informed about what is happening in the industry
Hashtags can wonderfully throw light on the current happenings in the industry or niche. For example, a singer might want to keep track of hashtags like #New Albums, #MusicVideos, #MusicUploads, and the like. In this way you can gather knowledge on what your colleagues are actually doing and can also find an opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

6. Promotion of deals, contests or special events
If you have deals, contests or special events to market, the best thing is to devise attractive, easily remembered hashtags. This will not only pave the way for easy sharing, but will also lead to comfortable campaign tracking. A wonderful example is the hashtag #LoveNYC, which is used for New York’s annual photo contest. Through this hashtag, it becomes easy to track campaign related conversations as well as contest entries.

7. Locating relevant Twitter Chats
A Twitter chat is a great platform for like-minded people to assemble and start discussion on a topic. It’s a great way to prove your industry expertise and appeal to your target audience. So, what are you waiting for? Start finding relevant Twitter chats and join in!

Hashtags are really powerful marketing tool and makes you an active online performer in your industry. So, as you hire an expert digital marketing agency is Delhi, ask the team about relevant hashtags and conversations you can join.


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