Dangers of Digital Marketing Agencies Working Without a Strategy

Digital Marketing Agency should always have well defined goals to be successful otherwise it would be waste of quality money. There are hundreds of Digital marketing agencies, however without understanding their strategy and their goal achieved, do take a step back and think. This concept of marketing and creating awareness is time consuming so as time goes by the goals shouldn’t become defunct or change. This can cause huge loss to your business. The agencies which shift or change their goals without a valid analysis of the market conditions should be dealt with caution. One must study their strategies in general if not in depth to avoid any disastrous partnership. One should be extremely cautious because to run a business successfully the name carries weightage more than money and time. This is what you are actually going to give to the agency to carry out your work. It is so volatile that it can either make or break your business. 

Below are the few invigorating questions before entering into partnership.

1.       Clear Understanding of present client-agency relationship.

Agency should have a minimum of at least 2 or 3 enterprise to assess their strategic performances.  Beyond that one must also understand based on the testimonials whether the clients are happy with their services or not. Here ethics of the digital marketing agency plays a very vital role for timely delivery of services.  Integrity, trust and results should be their core ethics by deeds.  This will determine the success of partnership with the agency.

2.       Average duration of relationship?

Before giving an assignment to any reputed agencies, one should check their partnership period.  A minimum of 2 years with well-defined goals achieved on half yearly basis can be scaled for judging the agency.  A sample of their work and their analytics can give an insight to this particular dimension. 

3.       How much the existing clients have benefitted from the partnership?

For this question we need to connect to their clientele and their testimonials.  Make sure that the testimonials given are logically correct instead of mere appreciation of their work. Check for similarities in the feedbacks to differentiate between a genuine feedback and a fabricated feedback.  Never be bemused or get compromised with the sophistication of the agencies.

4.       How many clients have been added during a period of time?

One cannot entirely judge on this particular factor since more the number of clients, the higher will be their working staff and their technology.  Lesser number of clients does not mean that the quality is compromised since the agency does not wish to add new clients to its existing list depending upon their capacity to deliver. 

These are certain general indicators to avoid any disastrous partnership.  However the choice is let free based on once convenience.


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